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Alfie's after Tony's DNA

Alfie gets a kitchen job at The Hutch and tells Tom he's going to get some of Tony's DNA to prove he's his dad. Tom swipes a fork from Tony's plate of food but there are two forks and one belongs to Mac after he sampled some of Tony's cuisine. Tom gives one of the forks to Alfie – but does the DNA on it belong to Mac or Tony?

Kim's shocked by her sister's latest act but Lindsey warns her: keep quiet or someone's going to get hurt. Later, it looks like there's murder in her eyes when she hears Joe asking Mercedes about having kids.

Maxine and Sienna try to act normal and go on a hen do but Sienna storms out when the conversation turns to Patrick. When Sienna breaks down in Maxine’s arms, Maxine decides she will help Patrick die.

Also, Lisa and Jade go to the hospital for the biopsy but Jade runs off. Later, Lisa's heartbroken when Theresa emerges from Zack's bedroom.