Alfie's charity abseil ends in disaster!

Alfie comes out of the school, ready to tackle the abseil. Jade's just completed hers and Cameron's ordering Peri not to take part. Alfie starts his descent but he's left humiliated when his trousers split revealing his childish underwear, then his glasses fall off and the wire gets stuck! Jade laughs but is in awe of his bravery and goes to chemo. Alfie shows her the funny video he's uploaded of his abseil and reveals it's helped them raise over a grand! Alfie and Jade are swept up in the moment and have their first kiss. Elsewhere, Peri can't forgive Cameron for forbidding her from doing the abseil.

Also, Lindsey prepares a syringe to silence Freddie but she's stunned when the finger of blame points to someone else – Kim! As DS Thorpe questions Kim, she’s petrified but Lindsey tells her to stay strong. DS Thorpe lets Kim go, for now, but Lindsey knows they need to put someone else in the frame, and sets her sights on Tegan. When their plan backfires, however, Kim's caught red-handed with all the evidence DS Thorpe needs to arrest her.

Tegan tells Holly to follow her heart like she wishes she had with Ziggy. Holly sends a message: “I love you and need you in my life”, but who's she sent it to? Jason tells brother Robbie he’s dead to him unless he agrees to never see or speak to Holly again. Later, Holly arrives at the Roscoes’ and tells Robbie she wants to be with him. Who will he choose - Jason or Holly?

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