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Andy Barrett vows to escape with Josh

Andy Barrett in Home and Awa

Andy Barrett refuses to see his brother sent to jail

Andy throws a duffle bag full of cash into the boot of his car. He’s been working for Simmo for every minute of every day, but he still doesn’t have enough so takes a high-risk job of stealing a luxury car in broad daylight. He pulls off the scam and tells Josh he has a plan to fix everything. Later, Andy tells Simmo that his plan is in place and his friend Beau will be helping him.

Evelyn tells Matt she is struggling to wrap her head around Josh’s impending sentence. When Matt visits Josh he pleads with him to let Evelyn visit. At first, Josh refuses, but when Evelyn decides to pay Josh a visit, he has a change of heart. The pair share a bittersweet moment as they reminisce about their first kiss…

Phoebe isn’t impressed when she finds out that VJ will be moving in. But things get off to a good start when VJ cooks them a tasty lasagna. However, Billie thinks his reasons for moving out are immature and tells Leah she’ll find a way to make him leave.