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Andy tries it on with Roxy!

(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Ronnie fights Roxy's corner with Jack, arguing with him over his refusal to let Roxy see Amy. When Roxy interrupts their fight, she blurts out the truth about the recent drug incident. Horrified with Roxy, Ronnie tells her to leave. Realising that Roxy deserves a second chance, Jack encourages Ronnie to invite Roxy over to see Amy.

Meanwhile, Andy tries to win round Roxy, inviting her to get some lunch. As the pair chat, Andy leans in for a kiss. Reacting without thinking, Roxy punches a shocked Andy. Apologising for her actions, Roxy tells Andy about Dean and they agree to try again, but Andy obviously is secretly plotting something...

Donna is frustrated when Buster and Lee take advantage at the market, with no market inspector to keep them in check. Unable to get anywhere after approaching the council, Donna closes up, heading to The Vic to drown her sorrows. Finding a drunk Donna, Kush takes her home and is shocked when she tries to kiss him. Later, Kush is even more stunned when Donna asks him to help her have a baby!

Also, Denise chickens out of signing up for her GCSE course, but Masood signs up for her.