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Ash chooses Denny over Brax

Ash tells Brax the truth about his relationship with Denny and Brax tells him to end it immediately. A fellow inmate, Gunno, sees the pair arguing and tells Brax any friend of Ash, isn't a friend of his. Later, Ash avoids Denny, while Kyle gives him lowdown on Casey's death. Ash tells Denny he will never put her through those things and the pair kiss.

Nate admits to Hannah that he and Kat were having a casual relationship, until she called it quits. Hannah bumps into Kat in The Diner and subtly encourages her to keep seeing him. Kat talks to Nate and they both open up about their pasts, beginning to enjoy the start of a beautiful relationship.

Hannah finds out Andy must earn his personal trainer qualification or the gym will close down. Andy tells Hannah he has fallen behind with his coursework since her accident. She offers to help him revise, but Andy feels overwhelmed and storms off.