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Ash and the River Boys cause mayhem

Ash is struggling with his emotions

Justin heads to Salt and finds the River Boys causing chaos. When Willow turns up, she sees that Justin is busy helping Ash comes to terms with his loss. As she leaves, it seems that Willow and Dean, the leader of the River Boys, know each other. Meanwhile, Tori is patching Robbo up and it is clear that Robbo is distraught over Kat's death. When she returns home she is on edge and Justin senses Tori is hiding something. The next morning, Tori sneaks out of the house and heads to the garage to check on Robbo. As Tori continues to treat Robbo's wounds, Justin bursts in! Will he tell Ash that Tori is helping Robbo?

Willow runs into Dean and it's clear that they know each other and that Willow isn't keen for a reunion. Dean then meets up with Ash and it's obvious that Ash is further on edge and loses his temper when the River Boys say they don't have any concrete information on Robbo's location. When Justin meets up with Ash, he's torn on staying loyal to his sister or to his friend…

Later, Justin heads back home and tells Tori and Robbo that he won't say anything to Ash. Robbo is grateful but Justin isn't interested and reminds him that he's the reason Kat is dead. Justin heads out and visits Willow at the gym. Willow tells Justin that she saw her ex, Dean, but Justin doesn't care. He needs her help to make someone disappear. What exactly is Justin planning?