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Ashley and Trevor torment their hostage!

Trevor and Ashley plan to kill their hostage unless she confesses to what she 'told' Jason about their plan. With Holly begging for help, Robbie turns up and follows Trevor’s orders to get the van, but then texts Jason to warn him about Holly. When Jason turns up, Trevor agrees to let her go. When Ben arrives at the scene, Robbie secretly tells him everything and agrees to testify in court. Ben's shocked to see Ashley - the one who put a hit on Carly - but he decides to wait and get justice. Later, Robbie tells Ben he can't work for him any more.. and is gutted to see Holly and Jason cuddled up on the couch.

As Maxine finds Patrick, his legs buckle and he falls on her. However, to Darren, Nancy and other guests at the reception, it looks like Patrick's pushed Maxine. Everyone throws accusations at Patrick until Maxine's forced to reveal he's living with MND. Patrick offers his resignation to school governor, Mr Booth, but Maxine stands up for him. Furious her plan hasn't worked, Theresa claims Patrick planned to embezzle the funds. But she's put in her place when Patrick shows everyone the building site.

Lindsey's had a drink so Joe doesn't trust her to make a judgment on JJ. They all take him to the hospital, which Kim is not prepared for. She tampers with JJ's file and gives it to the specialist, who innocently backs up her lie. Joe's delighted when Lindsey's hesitant to let Freddie near JJ.

Also, Nico has agreed to speak to Louis. She starts to talk about a dead body and Louis asks if she's referring to Dylan. Nico says "no" just as Sienna arrives. Nico asks Sienna to let her speak to Louis alone but, after the session, Nico reveals that it was all an act so Louis would leave her alone.

Victoria Wilson
Victoria Wilson

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