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Bailey lashes out after Matt's death

Daniel tries to support Bailey but he angrily accuses him of interfering with his family when it's not his place. Storming out, Bailey finds himself back at Matt's memorial, where all his feelings of grief and frustration bubble up to the surface, and he tears the memorial apart.

Paul regains consciousness after his collapse and reaches out to Karl, who's shocked to learn that he's undergoing chemotherapy. When Nick arrives, he's disturbed when Paul requests that Karl should be involved in any future treatments. Fearing that his secret will be exposed, Nick discourages Karl, who realises that Paul is the mysterious 'Patient X'. Without revealing Paul's identity, Karl tells Georgia that 'Patient X' is a legitimate person and Nick's actions are also legitimate. Upset at the inevitability of losing her job, Georgia lashes out at Karl.

The Turner children arrive home from spreading Matt's ashes and Daniel feels the need to talk to Imogen about the trauma they experienced down the well. When Paige and Amber see them together, Paige tells Imogen that Amber’s going through something big and she should let Daniel be there for his girlfriend.