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Ben collapses!

Piper and Ben land in Glenrowan and although he's still struggling with his breathing, Ben suggests they pick fruit to make more money. But it soon becomes clear Ben is too injured to work. Piper heads off to start earning money, leaving Ben alone. Suddenly he collapses, struggling for breath.

Aaron learns that the rat in the penthouse was meant for him - retaliation from the dance party organiser who lost his business as a result of Sheila's interference. Sheila discourages Aaron from telling Paul the truth about the rat. Instead, she advises that he should milk the overtime and all-expenses-paid employment until he's sorted for his deposit for the house he's buying with his brothers.

Tyler talks to Paige while she's working out on the punching bag where she admits the campfire smoke reminded her of what she and Tyler said in the lift and how they're not friends anymore because of it. When Mark arrives, Paige reveals she's decided to seek counseling, and Mark thanks his brother for his assistance as Tyler buries his jealousy.