Ben Mitchell is left raging when family secrets come out!

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Ben Mitchell is left horrified when he learns the shock news about who Luke's father is and what Willmott-Brown did to his mum Kathy...

Phil finds out from Ritchie that Luke is definitely Willmott Brown’s son and he heads out to warn Ben. When he finds Luke with Ben, however, he decides to keep quiet. Phil instead visits Kathy to tell her the news. Kathy is horrified and begs Phil not to tell Ben that James raped her. Later, Phil meets up with Luke to warn him off but Luke turns it back on him by telling Ben about Phil’s threats. Not wanting Ben to fall out with his dad, she tells Ben that Willmott Brown raped her…

Mick and the Carters realise that there is nowhere left for them to go with The Vic. Breaking the news to the regulars, Mick reveals that they can’t afford the cost of the renovations and they have no option but to hand over The Vic to the freeholders. There is uproar from the locals, who vow to help raise the money to save the Queen Vic.

Sonia has a romantic meal with Gethin, but it’s interrupted when Sonia gets called into work. With Gethin left waiting for Sonia alone, Bex soon grabs the opportunity to spend time with him. Making it clear that he likes Sonia and has no interest in her, Gethin is frustrated when Bex threatens to tell her mum about their kiss. Will he call Bex’s bluff and tell Sonia first?

Also, Stacey asks Linda if she’ll take Woody and Whitney back at The Vic.

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