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Bethany reveals all to a horrified Kylie in Corrie (Video)

Kylie Platt and Bethany Platt in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Kylie feels guilty when Bethany admits she can't talk to Sarah about being bullied

Kylie’s horrified to read the bullying texts from Lauren on Bethany’s phone. Bethany breaks down and admits how she wanted to confide in her mum but she’s too ill. Kylie blames herself, realising how much pain her actions have caused pain. Later, David suggests an afternoon in bed but a guilty Kylie flees from the house leaving David frustrated.

The welfare officer tells Caz her they need to discuss her court martial proceedings. Making out the army welfare officer just wanted to go through some paperwork, Caz suggests to Kate they should elope. When Kirk lets slip that it was Sophie who told the army welfare officer where she could find Caz, she’s furious.

Steph calls on Leanne and is taken aback to spot a pregnancy tester kit in her bin – but Leanne lies, making out it’s Eva’s and it was negative.

Freddie suggests Ken should invite Audrey to a play. Thanking Freddie for his intervention with Ken, Audrey squeezes his hand but Ken clocks their affection and feels stung. Clayton forces Gemma to change some forged £20 notes for him by threatening to reveal her dodgy past to Chesney. Kylie’s troubled when Gail tentatively asks Michael to stay the night.