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Billy decides to attend Drew’s funeral

Billy in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Will an unwelcome Billy and Todd be ejected from the funeral?

Despite the vicar’s warning, Billy and Todd enter the church, determined to pay their respects to Drew.

Michelle is shocked by what Robert tells her about his past and then laments to Leanne that he’s only been the sole owner for 24 hours. Leanne’s gutted to realise Nick has no intention of coming back. Robert calls Rich and tells him he’s prepared to do one deal for him.

Aidan presents Eva with a voucher for a spa day so she invites Maria to join her. Maria accepts and tells David that she’s going to tell Eva the truth about Aidan. Aidan’s horrified to see Eva and Maria setting off together as David reveals Maria’s plans to tell Eva everything.

When the factory girls receive invitations to Johnny and Jenny’s wedding, Jenny’s furious, realising this is Johnny’s way of trying to win her back. Later, Jenny rejects Matthew Singh’s offer of a date, but not to be deterred, he puts his number into her phone. Fiz parks herself at Chesney’s bedside.