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Billy faces death in Christmas Day Corrie as Peter exacts his revenge

Billy Peter in Coronation Street Christmas Day
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Peter gets his revenge on Billy - but will he surive the fall from the cliff edge? HOUR LONG CHRISTMAS DAY SPECIAL!

Billy in the boot of Peter’s car and he’s terrified to see he’s inches away from a sheer drop. Peter tells him he’s going to let the car roll off a cliff, at least his death will be quicker than Susan’s. Later, a hysterical Peter confesses to Ken that he’s killed Billy and stuns Adam when he revelas Billy killed his mum. Ken tells the Barlows to pretend to know nothing about Billy’s "accident".

Aidan is annoyed when Carla arrives and says she is here to surprise the family but hasn’t changed her mind about the factory. But when Johnny tells Carla that Aidan stands a good chance of making a go of the factory she takes her brother to one side, has she had a change of heart? And why is she refusing to toast the festive season with alcohol. Is she hiding something?

Daniel is amused to find Tracy sneaking Steve out of number 1 but she is less than impressed to get a text from Steve saying last night was a mistake. But Steve denies all knowledge and when Amy tells her mum a reunion with Steve is a bad idea Tracy puts two and two together.

Brian is arrested for letting himself into Dev’s to leave a peace offering for Asha and things go from bad to worse when he punches a man for insulting Cathy.