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Brad breaks Lauren's heart

Lauren confides in Paige as she struggles with the anniversary of her wedding, who urges Brad to reach out to Lauren as a friend. Brad inadvertently lets slip that Lauren may not have known Matt as well as she thinks and when she pushes him to reveal what he knows, Brad is forced to admit Matt’s betrayal with Sharon Canning.

Toadie and Sonya discover Amy needs to be organised to stay on top of her finances. Meanwhile, Amy is unimpressed with her new boss Kyle and makes her feelings known. Later, she apologises to Kyle who is sympathetic, telling her it must be hard being a single mum. But Amy takes offence at this and Kyle’s left baffled by the sparky personality he’ll now be working with.

Nate’s still reeling after Alistair’s kiss the night before, but Alistair apologises, swearing he was drunk and has no memory of the kiss. However, a dubious Nate tells Susan that Alistair is gay, but not yet out of the closet but when Nate reaches out to him, Alistair explains he has a girlfriend.