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Brax delivers Casey's wish

Sorting through the final bag in Casey's room, Brax finds an engagement ring. Sad that his brother will never get to propose, he gives the ring to Denny, who is heartbroken and sobs knowing she would have said yes. However, everyone is looking to the future as Brax and Ricky see their baby for the first time at the ultrasound. Andy moves into Casey's room and Denny tells Andy she knows he never meant for Casey to get hurt.

Sophie spots Hannah and Nate frolicking in the water. Jealous, she chooses her moment to make Nate sign the paperwork for the house. He makes an excuse, so Sophie turns up at the hospital to make him sign on the dotted line. Nate uncomfortably signs the documents; when he and Hannah are left alone in the hospital, they share a passionate kiss.

Spencer tries to get Chris to help him with his budding online romance with Denny, but he is still down in the dumps about Shandi. However, he is cheered up by Amy who helps Spencer take the perfect selfie.