Brennan arrests Tyler

Tyler confesses the details of his involvement with Dimato to Brennan - carefully leaving Paige out of it. Brennan feels betrayed and arrests his brother. When Brennan confides in Paige about how Tyler's lies have made him feel, she feels incredibly guilty. Later, Aaron bails Tyler out of jail, leading a furious Brennan to kick Tyler out of the house.

Paige is trying to rekindle the flame between Brad and Lauren, when Terese notices a text from Ethan on Paige's phone, wondering how she's going getting her parents back together. Shocked Terese doesn't know what to do. She eventually confides in Paul who advises her to bide her time and wait for Paige to stuff up before telling Brad anything.

Naomi's devastated that Paul has cancelled their special lunch plans in order to spend time with Jimmy and confides in Sheila. But when Sheila discovers Paul cancelled lunch for his grandson, she gives Naomi a reality check. Naomi takes this on board and apologises to Paul – leading to their first night of passion.

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