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Cain is furious at Ross’s treatment of Debbie and decides to teach him a lesson. What will he do?

Emmerdale, Cain Dingle

A fuming Cain storms off to confront Ross over his treatment of Debbie

Protective dad Cain is on the warpath when he learns that Ross lashed out at Debbie and threw Pete and her out of his home.

The angry mechanic is not going to have anyone treat his daughter like that and decides to pay Ross a visit.

He storms round to his house but when Ross doesn’t answer he kicks down the door! Eek. What else is a raging Cain about to do?

Elsewhere Jacob teases David for sucking up to Dr Cavanagh who is on the judging panel for the retail awards.

David has invited the doc round for dinner but the shop owner's got other things on his mind when he sees the front page of the Hotten Courier. As Phil’s trial gets underway he’s made front page news! Is Tracy’s past about to be raked up all over again?