Cain witnesses Aaron’s pain!

Aaron’s birthday was spoiled just by the thought of dad Gordon being around. Chas convinced Gordon to keep his distance and his birthday card, but it wasn’t enough to stop Aaron hurting himself again - this time by burning himself with his birthday cake candles. But Cain saw him and was worried. Was he worried enough to tell Chas, though? Someone needs to have a word with her… She’s promised Aaron that Gordon is history, but she looks tempted when Gordon says he wants another chance with her.

Cain’s also worried about Moira handing Moses over to Ross and he’s made it clear to Moira that he thinks she did the wrong thing. It looks like he’s right, too, as Ross is not a natural-born father. Still, he’s got mum Emma to call on - except her mental health issues make her even less suitable as a carer for the boy. The sooner Charity gets out of prison, the better!

Ashley explains to Sandy the leaflet for a care home is for him. But can Ashley bring himself to tell Sandy that he needs the home because of his dementia?