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Callum taunts Kylie and David

Kylie attempts to appear as the perfect mum, but it’s clear that Max is wary of her. When Callum and Sarah drop Max off at No 8 Callum throws digs at Kylie about her drugs past, suggesting David should lock Max’s ADHD pills away in case Kylie gets her hands on them.

Jack is confused when Jenny explains that today would’ve been Tom’s birthday so they’re going to celebrate. Back on the street, Kevin is beside himself over the disappearance of Jenny and Jack as the police tell him that Jenny’s son Tom drowned when he was left unattended. As Kevin fears for Jack’s safety, Rita discovers Jenny’s location and she, Kevin and Sophie rush to find Jack.

Beth proudly shows Eileen, Mary, Gary, Carla and Alya the mural Craig has painted in memory of the recent tragedy. Later, Alya is unimpressed when Carla wants to attend a client meeting alone.

Mary encourages Dev to sort out his love life.