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Cameron punches 'stripper' Zack

Cameron punches Zack

Cameron is riled by the sight of a half-naked Zack at Leela's hen party and lashes out!

Tegan decides to liven up Leela's hen party and pays Zack to be the stripper – but an angry Cameron is unimpressed and punches him! As Leela sends Cameron away, the guilt about his victims all gets too much for him, so he writes a confession letter and leaves it at the Lomaxes' – will anyone find it?

Alfie decides to spend Christmas with Cindy. Dirk offers Freddie cash to buy the Roscoes' house but Cindy has some reservations.

Also, Sienna tells Warren someone from church is stalking her, and Scott hears about John Paul and James’s fall-out. Will he be pleased?