Can Rachel and Janet reunite to save Gill?

It's Gill's day off, and she's gone to the supermarket to buy alcohol for son Sammy's engagement party that evening. Speaking to him on her mobile phone, she loads the groceries into her boot and gets into her car. However, unbeknown to her, Helen Bartlett snuck into the car when she wasn't watching.

As Gill pulls away, Helen leaps up, tightens a leather belt around her neck and holds a knife up to her. She threatens her, telling her exactly where to drive. Gill is terrified.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Janet are still refusing to talk to each other. At that moment, a call comes into DS Rob Warrington at the office, who explains the situation to the team. Scott and Bailey are both requested to work together to try and get her out of it safely, which forces them to put their differences aside.

Helen and hostage Gill are driving towards the east coast. Helen's girlfriend Louise reveals that Helen used to talk about visiting Flamborough Head, and armed police are deployed to follow the car along the motorway. Helen then reveals to Gill that she's going to get her to drive the pair of them over the top of the cliff to commit suicide.

Then, negotiations start between Janet and Helen. She tries to persuade her to give herself up, and that she's only going to make the situation worse. Helen refuses to listen, before hanging up on her. Parked at the clifftop, Gill and Helen continue talking. All of a sudden, Gill notices that Helen is beginning to look severely unwell. It's only then that she notices Helen has cut her wrists. With blood pouring everywhere, the armed officers swoop on the car. They drag unharmed Gill out and put Helen in an ambulance. However, she dies on the way to the hospital.

Later, Rachel and Janet head to the pub to celebrate getting Gill out of the car. Both in tears, they manage to make up and their friendship is restored.