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Cara dumps Jed

Nurse Cara Martinez is thrown when Nicole Brady is admitted to AAU this week needing treatment after the birth of her son, Tom. Nicole's been hiding from her violent husband, Sean, ever since he found out he's not the father of their baby. Cara knows the real father is in fact her own husband, Jed, an undercover cop who’s trying to arrest Sean. When she hears Jed's abandoned Nicole and baby Tom in their hour of need, Cara knows she must protect them - especially when Sean turns up at Holby!

When Nicole needs urgent surgery, Cara refuses to leave Sean with the baby, so calls Jed to come and sort things out. But Sean soon works out who Tom's real father is… and goes for Jed! To save Jed, Cara whacks Sean over the head! With Jed’s identity as an undercover cop now exposed, Cara tells Nicole all about him. But Nicole has some harsh home truths for Cara, leaving her in no doubt that her husband is no better than Sean. Realising Jed’s not the man she married, Cara ignores Jeds pleas and decides their marriage is well and truly over…

Mo's reeling from a Singles' Salsa class the previous night, where her 'date' fell on top of her. She’s even more horrified, though, when the man, Jake, turns up asking for a date! Mo goes for a coffee with Jake, who says he’d like children one day, which strikes a chord with Mo, who’s missing young William. When Jake has a dizzy spell and Mo discovers he has a hereditary heart defect, Jake’s forced to admit he actually has seven kids! Later, though, Mo tells Adele it’s not really a man that’s missing from her life, it’s a baby! Is it something she can do alone?

Also, Dom and Jesse compete for a difficult case - but Dom gets a lot more than he bargained for when he senses a connection between him and the patient…

Victoria Wilson
Victoria Wilson

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