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Casualty spoilers: Ethan Hardy decides to leave - Ruby threatens to quit!

Casualty legend Ethan treats Big Al's daughter Abigail
(Image credit: BBC)

Ethan reconsiders his future at Holby ED, Ruby threatens to quit, and David’s under pressure in Casualty…

Warning: Contains spoilers about Ethan Hardy, Ruby Spark, David Hide and many more Casualty favourites!

Ethan decides to leave Casualty

Bloody and broken. Dr Ethan Hardy on the front line of a major incident in Holby earlier this year

Bloody and broken. Dr Ethan Hardy on the front line of a major incident in Holby earlier this year (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Doctor Ethan Hardy has been through the wars and is still scarred by the experience. During the Summer when a terrorist drove a lorry into a busy market Ethan and HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) medic Big Al were first on the scene and battled to save as many lives as possible.

Later, when sniffer dogs detected a bomb, Ethan refused to leave trapped patient Jenny, and Big Al stayed with him. It’s a decision that haunts Ethan, as Big Al (The Bill’s Sam Callis) and Jenny both died after the bomb exploded. This week Ethan’s forced to face that devastating day when he realises a young woman he’s treating in the ED is Big Al’s daughter Abigail!

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Ethan bonds with Abigail, who’s open about her grief for her father, before realising that she’s Al’s daughter. It’s only when he later checks her medical notes that he realises who she is. Shocked Ethan confides in friend, doctor Will Noble, who advises him step back. But when Abigail asks Ethan directly if he knew her dad, he’s forced to confront his trauma and guilt.

Afterwards Ethan realises he needs a break from Holby ED.

Could this be the last we see of Ethan?

Read our interview with George Rainsford, who plays Ethan, for more…

Is Ruby’s Casualty future also uncertain?

Shocked Ruby and regretful Lev talk in the back of an ambulance

Fair play? Ruby's shocked by Lev's admission, but is she right to judge him? (Image credit: BBC)

This week Casualty opens with unexpected scenes between paramedics Ruby and Jan.

Jan’s stunned when Ruby demands that she’s given a new partner. If not, Ruby reveals she’s going to request a transfer!

What Jan doesn’t know is that Ruby has discovered something about new paramedic Lev’s past and is so unsettled she feels unable to work with him…

David’s dilemma

Surprise! Rosa's mum turns up a day early and with an ulterior motive

Surprise! Rosa's mum turns up a day early and with an ulterior motive (Image credit: BBC)

Nurse David Hide desperately tries to be the perfect decoy boyfriend when Rosa’s mum, Xiomara (The Durrell’s Anna Savva), arrives in Holby to assess him!

In preparation for the role David has been attempting to learn Spanish. But Xiomara’s arrival a day earlier than expected completely throws him. Can he convince Rosa’s mum that he’s perfect boyfriend material?

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Also in Casualty this week…

Lev in paramedic uniform at a football fan riot in Holby

With regret... Lev's past catches up with him (Image credit: BBC)

Doctor Will Noble encourages Ethan to step back and take some time off. Will thinks a lads’ holiday will do the trick, but Ethan has other plans.

Lev (Uriel Emil) convinces Ruby to complete one last job with him when football hooligans take over Holby.

Xiomara is hiding something.

And we discover some new personal information about Ruby!

Find out more when Casualty airs on BBC1 Saturday 23 November at 9.10pm