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Charity Dingle kisses Frank!

Charity Dingle, Frank Clayton

As Charity Dingle pulls off a scam at Home Farm, her new accomplice Frank is seduced…

At Home Farm, Charity and Frank are taking advantage of the place being empty, and are poised to pull off a scam together! Posing as a rich couple with cash to splash, the pair plans to rip off a jeweller who’s been called over to show them some posh gems.

When the situation starts getting tricky, Charity spots her opportunity and makes a grab for some of the jewels. As she and Frank successfully make their getaway, the adrenaline is running high and they end up kissing! But while Frank fancies Charity, does his partner-in-crime feel the same way?

Zak reaches out to Cain as his son wonders what’s best for Kyle. Later, a mysterious face lurks outside the Dingles' and ends up locked in the barn… What’s bought her to the village?

Having organised a book club, Tracy’s hurt when just one person, Pearl, turns up. Tracy’s then given food for thought when Pearl suggests the next book up for discussion is a saucy one!