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Charlotte confronts Matt

(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Zac gives Charlotte a tour of the school, leaving Matt uncomfortable, but when the pair chat they agree to keep their liaison a secret. Later, Matt comes home and is stunned to see Charlotte is there for dinner! In the middle of the meal, Charlotte goes outside to make a mysterious phone call...

Hannah pleads with Emma, but she’s not interested in her excuses. When Hannah arrives home, she explains to Evelyn that Emma may tell Andy everything. Later, Sean tells Hannah that Emma isn't going to keep quiet about the affair, while Josh soon realises that Evelyn knew about the affair. Hannah makes her way to the gym to come clean to Andy, but it looks like Josh has got to him first.

Meanwhile Irene, Leah, Roo and Marilyn are discussing her moving plans and its clear that Marilyn is having doubts. At dinner, Jett tells Marilyn and John that he is moving to boarding school alone.

Also, Josh collects his camera for his art project and notices that its accidently recorded Sean and Emma arguing at the pier.