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Chrissie fumes over Lawrence’s shock decision

Bernice White, Lawrence White, Chrissie White

Chrissie White's stung when her dad gives the salon back to her love rival, Bernice, in Emmerdale

Chrissie White is livid when she learns Lawrence is backtracking and has now decided his estranged wife Bernice can have the salon back.

Determined to clear Andy’s name and get his innocent brother out of prison, Robert realises he and Aaron should use Lachlan as a way to get to Chrissie, who has framed Andy for attempting to murder Lawrence.

Having now told everyone she’s pregnant, Belle is in real trouble with her story as she’s got a scan coming up. Will the mentally ill teen take her imaginary friend Ellie’s advice and fake a miscarriage?

Chas pleads with Moira to stop Cain when she hears her brother’s planning to take part in a dodgy job with Charity.