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Deal or no deal? Chrissie conjures up a business for Lachlan (VIDEO)

Lachlan White, Chrissie White, Lawrence White, Leyla Harding

Worried about her son, Chrissie gets Leyla to offer Lachlan an in on a business deal on the hush

With her son giving her the serious cold shoulder since his return home from the Young Offenders' Institution, Chrissie is desperate to get Lachlan back on board – and to keep him in the village. Offering Leyla a cash incentive for her support, Chrissie asks Leyla to present Lachlan with a business idea to get involved in… Will Lachlan find out his mum is behind Leyla's pitch?

Pierce’s shock guest's arrival has put the cat among the pigeons for Rhona, who was having second thoughts about getting married as it was. Will the Goskirk/Harris wedding go ahead next week?

Elsewhere, Rakesh tries to stop Jai from worrying about addict Nell.


Watch this clip from the episode: