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Cooper tries to kiss Xanthe

Xanthe Canning in Neighbours
(Image credit: ©Martin Philbey)

Xanthe is stunned when Cooper leans in for kiss in Neighbours...

Ben’s gutted when he realises Xanthe didn’t stand him up, and Xanthe’s similarly devastated. Later, Copper suggests he and Xanthe rehearse their film but when he leans in to kiss her she pulls back. When Cooper runs into Ben he covers his tracks claiming Xanthe made a move on him.

Terese tells Madison she has the rundown for the shareholders’ meeting at Robinson’s – which she received from Gary. Paul’s stunned when Terese shows up at the meeting and when she tells him she wants her chef back, he concedes defeat. But when she thanks Gary for his help a suspicious Paul spots them together.

Jack’s tells Tyler to look after Paige when he discovers she’s planning to take part in a pro boxing match at Blaze - but Tyler warns him to back off and Amy quickly intervenes before things can get out of control. Jack decides to get drunk but walks up the next morning by the side of Lassiters Lake with no memory and a bloodied hand.