Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne and Sinead Tinker get hitched!

Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne and Sinead Tinker get hitched!

Daniel Osbourne is stunned to see Sinead Tinker in The Bistro in her wedding dress!

Sinead Tinker orders an unsuspecting Daniel Osbourne to meet her in the bistro for lunch in Coronation Street. But in a bid to avoid Bethany, Daniel announces he’s decided to take Bertie out for the day.

Sinead Tinker, Beth, Coronation Street

Here comes the bride...

Bethany tells him that for Sinead’s sake, he has to turn up at the bistro. Arriving for lunch, he’s taken aback to see Sinead waiting in her wedding dress. Daniel hugs Sinead, very much in love. As Beth helps Sinead do her hair, she’s horrified to discover a lump on Sinead’s neck.

Robert’s annoyed to hear that Michelle’s agreed to Ray’s franchise deal. Ray calls at the bistro and explaining how his daughter had cancer, says he’d like to pay for Sinead and Daniel’s wedding and hold the reception at his hotel. Realising his catering skills are no longer required an angry Robert marches out. Arriving at Vicky’s he reveals he’d like to stay the night.

Robert seeks out Vicky after a row with Michelle

Robert seeks out Vicky after a row with Michelle

As Kevin launches into another rant at the garage, Abi gazes at him adoringly, secretly recording it for her web page. Having seen the look, Tyrone urges Kevin to ask Abi out. When Kevin suggests they meet for a drink later Abi accepts. However she’s horrified when Tyrone reveals that Kevin sees it as a date.

Kate is reminded of her own wedding day and becomes upset. Jenny tells Kate she wants to cheer her up and has got a little surprise for her. When Kate finds an envelope in her bag containing £1000 an emotional Kate thanks Jenny. However it’s apparent the money didn’t come from Jenny -  so who is Kate’s mystery benefactor? Claudia announces she’s booked a family holiday to Venice to celebrate Ken’s 80th birthday.

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