Coronation Street spoilers: Fight to the death for Shona Ramsey and Clayton

Coronation Street spoilers: It’s a fight to the death or Shona Ramsey and Clayton...

Clayton holds a knife to Shona Ramsey and demands £10k and a car from the police or she dies.

Shona Ramsey speaks to Clayton on the phone and steals £3k from David’s tin in the house. She meets up with Clayton at the derelict warehouse where she took him last night and gives him food, begging him to hand himself in.

Clayton grabs the cash off her and makes a run for it but realises the place is surrounded by police. Meanwhile, back at the house, David discovers the money has gone but is convinced Sarah took it.

A police negotiator calls Clayton’s phone and he tells them he has taken Shona hostage. David is stunned when the police arrive at the house and tell him what has happened. He and Nick race to the derelict building but are told to stay behind the cordon. Putting a knife to Shona’s back, Clayton drags her out of the building and demands £10k and a car or she dies. David watches in horror.

David is stunned when the police arrive at the house

Tracy argues with Vicky about Amy and the baby. But Vicky has had enough and lunges at her, pointing out that Tyler could have ended up on the Sex Offenders’ Register. As Tyler pulls them apart, Tracy rails at Robert for employing a rapist.

Claudia asks Ken to go with her to view the flat on Victoria Street. Ken tells her he is looking forward to her moving in round the corner. But when Claudia tells Maria the council plans to build a local bail hostel, she worries the place will be awash with criminals.


Claudia asks Ken to go wth her to view the flat

Daniel despairs about his academic ability following the lecturer’s praise of the work that was really Brian’s. As Brian prepares to help some more, Ken muscles in saying he also has an English degree and should be helping. Has Daniel had enough of their interference?

Eileen asks Steve if he will give Seb a job as a valeter at Street Cars. Steve offers Seb the job at the cab office, only to find Tim has already employed Abi, who he’s also agreed can stay at number 4.

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