Coronation Street spoilers: Is Dev Alahan failing as a father?

Coronation Street spoilers: Is Dev Alahan failing as a father?

Coronation Street spoilers - Dev Alahan just can’t seem to get it right…

In tonight's episode second of Coronation Street at 8.30pm (see our TV guide for full details) Dev Alahan manages to upset both his kids...

To Asha’s horror, Dev Alahan confronts Corey on the street and accuses him of pressurising Asha into underage sex. How will Corey react? Later, Dev’s mortified to realise he missed the shopping trip with Aadi, who is clearly hurt.

Debbie remarks to Sally that she couldn’t put up with living next door to someone like Geoff, and later Sally tells Tim that she’s putting the house up for sale.

Debbie manipulates Sally

Debbie manipulates Sally

Imran’s horrified to learn the truth about Oliver’s legal fees and instructs Emma to be honest with the police. Will she take Imran’s advice?

Will Emma take Imran's advice

Will Emma take Imran's advice?

After being dumped by text, a tearful Faye pours her heart out to Craig.

Grace calls Michael from prison and pointing out that their baby deserves a father, begs him to come and visit her. When Dylan asserts that there’s no need for him to splash the cash as he knows that he doesn’t have much money, Sean’s embarrassed.

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