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Coronation Street spoilers: Sean Tully feels all alone…

Coronation Street spoilers: Sean Tully feels all alone…

Sean Tully realises Eileen no longer has his back

In tonight's second episode of Coronation Street (ITV, 8.30pm - see our TV Guide for listings) Kirk winces in pain following his fall.

Realising Nick’s going to sack him for causing Kirk’s accident, Sean Tully quits his job and asks Eileen if he can store his boxes at No.11 again.

Following Todd’s comments about letting Sean walk all over her, Eileen suggests he finds a place of his own. Sean takes the huff as Eileen feels guilty.

Coronation Street spoilers: Sean Tully feels all alone…

Eileen builds up the courage to say no to Sean...

As Steve tears into him for drinking again, Peter weakly gasps that he’s sober but unwell. Steve refuses to believe him and locks him inside the house.

Lucas convinces Carla to take some time for herself and they head into town, but alone at No.1 Peter looks terrible and he collapses when he tries to drag himself to the door.

Carla and Lucas arrive back to find Steve waiting with the news that Peter’s been rushed to hospital, drunk.

Leanne’s heart sinks when Simon arrives home with Jacob.

Simon darkly warns her against throwing Jacob out. As a group of lads arrive she retreats to her room.

Tyrone’s unamused as Fiz jokes about the idea of him fancying Alina, stating that she’s too young and beautiful for him. Tyrone’s quietly miffed.