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Coronation Street spoilers: Simon Barlow and Tyler’s break-in ends in tragedy for Flora

Simon Barlow and Tyler are caught robbing flora's flat
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Simon Barlow and Tyler panic when Flora returns to the flat during the robbery

Tyler quizzes Simon Barlow about Flora and on finding out she has inherited £250k hatches a plan to break into the corner shop flat whilst everyone is at Flora’s 50s themed party at the Bistro. But when Flora returns to the flat and disturbs them, Tyler throws a jewellery box at her and knocks her unconscious. What will Simon do?

Johnny apologises to Liz for getting her the sack. But how will Johnny react when she tells him she loves him?

Beth is sorely tempted with Carla asks her to spy on Alya and in return she says she can have Aidan’s flat rent free.

Robert attends his first counselling session. Seb plays it cool with Emma, aware Faye is watching them. Craig invites Kayla round for tea. Sophie offers to help Kevin out by taking Jack to football practice.  Amy tells Steve and Tracy she is pleased they are back together.

First episode of the evening.

Coronation Street is shown weekdays on ITV. Please note that during the World Cup Corrie maybe on at different times to usual.