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Coronation Street spoilers: Steve and Tracy have SHOCK news for Liz McDonald!

Peter shows Tracy and Steve an article about the castle they have booked
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Steve and Tracy summon Liz McDonald and Jim to the flat and reveal Hannah isn’t who she says she is!

Overcome with emotion, Liz McDonald presents Hannah with a necklace before heading to Katie’s grave where she breaks down. Jim breaks the news to Steve that his sister is alive, called Hannah and has his condition myotonic dystrophy. Having met Hannah, Steve and Tracy scour the internet for more information about her. Later, they summon Liz and Jim to the flat and reveal Hannah isn’t who she says she is!

Leanne admits to Toyah she’s seeing someone from work, but chickening out of the truth implies it’s Adam. Telling Imran she wants a ‘no strings’ relationship she sets about seducing him at the office and Imran’s happy to oblige.

Leanne and Toyah in Coronation Street

When Kevin offers to take Gina to the match Sally steps in and tells him she’s arranged him a date with Paula and Gina will have to go to the match with Tim instead. Gina’s more than happy with the outcome!

A housing officer calls at Tyrone’s, after finding his address on a scrap of paper at Evelyn’s house, and reveals Evelyn is being evicted and has nowhere to stay. Tyrone asks her to consider moving in but Evelyn’s scathing. Ryan and Ali continue their search for ‘Gazza - My Story’.

First episode of Coronation Street being shown this evening.

Ellen Markwardt
Ellen Markwardt

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