Coronation Street Spoilers: Aidan Connor realises the truth as Toyah shows Susie off!

Aidan Connor in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Aidan Connor watches on with suspicion as Toyah passes Susie round the pub

Aidan Connor is feeling pensive but he’s forced to snap out of it and head to Johnny’s leaving do at the Rovers. With the party in full swing, Aidan Connor gives Johnny a farewell present as everyone raises a toast to Jenny and Johnny. Toyah is happily watching Susie being passed round the pub, but when Sally goes to hand Susie to Aidan she panics and swoops in.

Aidan and Toyah’s eyes meet, while Toyah quickly looks away, Aidan continues to look at Susie. Is he piecing it all together? Finding an opportunity, Aidan picks up Susie, battling to make sense of it all. Later, at the cottage, Eva is on the phone to Toyah when there’s a knock on the door and she’s shocked to see Aidan.

Peter and Toyah make a fuss of baby Susie but it’s tinged with guilt for Toyah as Leanne expresses her upset that Eva isn’t coming back.

Bethany confides in Sarah that she’s thinking about being more than friends with Craig. At Speed Dahl Craig tries to open up to Bethany but he’s embarrassed as waitress Kayla interrupts and mocks him.

Having seen how miserable Flora is in her care home, Daniel asks Sally if any of her council contacts can help. Gail vows to be there for David and the kids whatever happens at his plea hearing. She later tries to get David to open up to her but he storms out leaving her seriously worried.

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