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Craig tells Neil he’s requesting a new mentor (VIDEO)

Craig in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Will a furious Neil reveal more then he intended when Craig confronts him?

When Craig admits he intends to quit the police force, Bethany urges him to reconsider, pointing out he’d be letting Nathan and Neil win. Craig approaches Neil and tells him he’s changed his mind about quitting, but is going to request a new mentor. Neil angrily bundles him into his car asserting that they need a little chat. Secretly activating the record function on his phone, Craig goads Neil... Will he reveal all?

Phelan arrives home and is taken aback when Eileen shows him a DNA kit Nicola has given her.

Determined to put his plan into action, Adam tells Eva she needs to persuade Aidan to give her a job in the office.

Watch this clip from the episode:

Gail confides in Audrey that Nick has gone for good and Leanne’s to blame. Michelle signs for a recorded letter only to realise it’s for Leanne. Alya hides her disappointment when Luke apologises for trying to kiss her.