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Craig is trapped in the house by his OCD – can Liam help?

Craig is trapped in the house by his OCD – but will little Liam be able to help?
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Will Craig continue to lie when Liam catches him mid ritual?

After a worrying conversation with his boss Craig finds himself unable to leave the house for his date with Bethany, who is waiting for him at the Bistro hoping to clear the air. As he performs ritual after ritual checking switches etc. around the house he is discovered by Liam - will the youngster keep his secret?

Liz feels caught in the middle when Ali asks her not to tell Michelle he is around. But when Michelle has to go to the med centre after cutting herself with a knife she is gobsmacked to come face to face with her son!

As Billy’s withdrawal kicks in Eva realises she is out of her depth trying to help him.

Daniel tells Carla he is still in love with Sinead. Imran tells Eva that Adam has gone away on holiday leaving him in charge. Shona is annoyed to be left looking after the kids whilst David goes training - and drinking - with Josh.

First episode of the evening.