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Cruising with Jane McDonald

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The adventurous singer ends the series on a high note

The adventurous singer ends the series on a high note.

For the last episode of the series our irrepressible guide goes back to an era in which she feels very comfortable!

Jane is cruising the Mississippi on the world’s largest steamboat, American Queen, which drips with antiques and old-style glamour.

Jane even has her own personal butler! But this cruise isn’t all about luxury. Jane takes a trip to Oak Alley Plantation and while imagining herself as an extra in Gone with the Wind, she also learns about its dark past when plantations owed their huge wealth to slave labour.

She also visits the Louisiana State Penitentiary, and finally ends her adventure with a trip to Graceland, the home of, and now shrine to, Elvis Presley – uh huh huh!