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Damo shoots Kat!

Damo is furious with Josh and starts smashing items in the share house. When Marilyn turns up she sees Damo and calls the police. Meanwhile, Maddy and Oscar try to cheer Evelyn up, after her break-up with Josh, unaware he’s in serious trouble. Back at the share house, Kat arrives and seems to be calming Damo down until he hears police sirens. With nothing to lose, Damo reaches for Kat's gun.

Marilyn phones John and he rushes off to meet her with Andy, Evelyn, Oscar and Maddy. As they arrive they hear a gunshot and Kat is rushed to hospital. Nate has to switch from boyfriend to doctor in a split second, as she's losing blood rapidly.

Later, Nate tells Kyle that his kidneys are so weak that he will need to be on dialysis for the foreseeable future - or he'll die!