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Dan finds bully Josh bleeding and unconscious!

Josh, Dan Spencer

Dan sets out to confront the local thugs and finds one of them, Josh, has been knocked unconscious. Who did attacked the teen?

*Hour-long episode*

With Josh and Jamie terrorising Emmerdale – and targeting Jacob and the Spencer family, Dan has had enough. Determined to stand up to the young thugs, Dan sets out to confront them. But he’s gobsmacked when he finds Josh lying motionless and bleeding on the cricket pitch! Who attacked Josh? Later, the police make an arrest, but have they collared the right person?

At the vegan farmer’s market, it’s all kicking off and Zak and Sam are at the heart of the trouble. They’re meant to be helping out Victoria, but have caused a stink by selling meat burgers to the unsuspecting punters. How will the vegans react? And will Victoria’s business survive the disaster? Can Zak and Sam make a getaway?

Fed up with being hassled by Chrissie, Debbie takes revenge.