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Daniel and Joshua duel over Amber

Lauren tells Amber that Daniel and Joshua are both into her, but Amber reassures her that she isn't interested in romance. When Amber turns up at Off Air, Daniel is giving a speech when Joshua starts talking through it. As the men verbally duel over Amber, she takes off, annoyed with them both. In the fall-out from the row, Joshua reveals that while Daniel is busy mooning over Amber, he is missing the fact that Imogen is in love with him.

After being rushed to the hospital, thinking she had another heart attack, Sheila is outraged when she's diagnosed as merely suffering a bout of indigestion. When Kyle takes her home, she explains that she's scared of dying. Georgia delivers some tough love, so Sheila invites herself along to Daniel's drop-in event and surprises everyone when she heckles Paul into submission as he tries to deliver his talk on leadership.

Learning that Paul is planning to put on the Erinsborough Festival, Naomi accuses him of stealing her idea and is outraged when he refuses to make her event manager. Learning that tomorrow is Paul's birthday, she decides to hatch a plan.