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Darren and Maxine fear the cops are onto them

Nancy's horrified that someone has heard Maxine and Darren's conversation about Patrick, and agrees to help Darren find out who it was. As Neeta invites the Osbornes, apart from Darren, over for lunch, Esther's confused by Neeta's sudden dislike for Darren – is she the one who overheard him and Maxine?

Later, Maxine, Darren and Nancy panic when a police car pulls up outside The Dog. Maxine hurries over to the pub, but it turns out the police are there on another matter. It turns out Neeta’s just angry with Darren for dragging Maxine away last night. Nancy, Darren and Maxine are relieved until Darren and Nancy get a threatening voicemail demanding money…

Also, Freddie and Ellie are still pining over each other, but Marnie's determined to keep them apart. When Mac realises how much Freddie cares for Ellie, he encourages him to fight for her.