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Dave kidnaps Isla and Kyle!

Kyle and Isla are in the back of a truck when Dave opens the door and gives them shovel to dig their own graves. Suddenly, Kyle hits a henchman over the head and Dave and Kyle come to blows as Isla runs off. Kyle fights off Dave and manages to track Isla down, but their getaway is thwarted when Isla sprains her ankle. When Dave tracks them down, Kyle hits him over the head with rock as the police arrive. Kat formally charges Dave and Isla, leaving Kyle unhappy.

Hunter and VJ see that their shower block in the Caravan Park has been vandalised and try to clean up the mess before Leah comes home. Unfortunately, their plan fails and she stumbles across the damage.

At The Diner, customers are pointing and gossiping about Leah, but things become even worse when she comes home to find the Summer Bay House has been trashed and the words: "Murderer Lives Here" spray-painted on the walls.