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David enjoys winding up Gail

Gail in Coronation Street

David tells Gail that Maria is pregnant, but does Gail smell a rat in Coronation Street?

Maria tells David she and Aidan had an affair, but he refused to leave Eva for her. When Gail tells Audrey about Maria’s pregnancy, will Audrey reveal it’s a wind up?

Sally breaks down in Tim’s arms, revealing all the vile messages she’s received, her obituary in the paper and now the parcel. Tim’s horrified and swears he’ll find the perpetrator. Sally closes down all her social media accounts, but will she agree when he suggests she step down from the council?

The police produce Simon’s phone and play the incriminating message to Peter suggesting he planned to do a runner after trying to kill Ken. As he rushes to the IVF clinic, Peter reveals to Toyah how Chloe is trying to frame him!

Bethany begs Nathan to give her another chance. Aware of Kevin’s financial woes, Freddie announces he’s thinking of retiring.