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David’s gutted when Max warms to Calum

Callum calls at No 8 with some trendy clothes for Max but David throws them back in his face. Later, Max tries on his wedding suit, but David’s gutted when he throws a tantrum demanding the clothes from his “real dad”. Meanwhile, Steph’s worried as Andy admits he’s grown fond of the family and is even more concerned when she lets herself into Andy’s flat and is confronted by none other than the real Gavin Rodwell.

Faye has a cold and fears her pregnancy is about to be discovered when Anna takes her to see the doctor. Dr Gaddas diagnoses Faye with a viral infection but Faye’s mortified when Anna mentions her weight worries and bolts out of the surgery. Meanwhile, when Craig spots Anna hugging a tearful Faye, he assumes the truth is out.

Rita admits to Sophie that she’s concerned Jenny might be after Kevin’s money and is angry when Jenny offers her a cheque for £300 towards the money she gave her.

Tony apologises to Tracy for not backing her in front of Liz and suggests they meet up later, but she keeps him dangling. When Liz pops into Barlow’s Buys, Tracy takes great pleasure in barring her.