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Did Jayden start the fire?

Mark discovers the fingerprints on the jerry can belong to Jayden and he admits he started the fire. However, Sue reveals that Jayden can't have started the fire, as she was in Susan's office after he was there trying to delete the online component of the 'save the school' petition.

Susan's appalled and Paul tells Sue she must resign from Council but she reminds Paul they have a deal. Paul knows only too well and tells her to keep her big mouth shut about their plan.

Meanwhile, Steph's horrified when Jayden admits the reason he framed her was because everyone thinks she's crazy. She's on edge when Tyler asks for a wrench and, assuming she's being accused of theft, she loses it.

Post-kiss, Kyle and Amy admit they like each other. However, Amy is gutted when she spots Kyle on a Ziva date with Shay. Kyle admits he doesn't want his life to be complicated, and any sort of relationship with Amy would come with the potential to be exactly that. Amy's left feeling hurt.