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Dimato is back for Paige

Paige is shocked to be confronted by Joey Dimato, who is furious that he manipulated her into betraying his uncle. She manages to dial Brennan out of sight and he rushes to her rescue.

Daniel's thrilled when he runs into Caspar, who confides that Imogen let him down gently. He summons Imogen to Lassiters where he intends to put his heart on the line.

When Russell arranges a family barbecue, Brennan urges Tyler to attend – but he refuses, unwilling to forgive his father. Russell goes looking for Tyler and they have their first tense meeting since Tyler left Port Lincoln. Later, Paige uses her own recent experience to try to talk Tyler round.

Daniel raises a prospect Paul hadn't considered – as Paul's EA, Amy will be exposed to his sometimes shady business dealings. But before Paul can retract the offer, Amy seeks him out to let him know she'd like to accept the job.