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Doctors spoilers: Alia Hanif confronts her ex-boyfriend Tariq Amiri in hospital

Doctors, Tariq Amiri

Alia has a showdown with her hated ex-boyfriend Tariq in hospital and demands to know why he betrayed her by releasing their private video...

There's an unwelcome surprise for Tarks when he wakes up in hospital after the hit-and-run horror, and is confronted by his angry ex-girlfriend Alia, who demands to know why he betrayed her by releasing their private video for everyone to see.

Tarks tries to apologise for his actions but is left shame-faced as an angry Alia lays down the law and makes it clear any relationship they ever had is now history!

Meanwhile, Ruhma is worried about both her children, Alia and Shak, but is relieved when Alia makes it clear she has no intention of visiting Tarks again. However, the Carter family may not be out of the troublezone yet as policeman Rob has some more questions to ask, determined to solve the mystery of who the hit-and-run driver was...

Elsewhere, Rob's wife Karen should be packing for her holiday. But she's worried about her and Rob's foster son James who left Letherbridge earlier this year. Karen's been calling and calling but hasn't been able to get in touch with James. Rob tries to convince Karen not to worry, since James is a grown man with his own job and flat. But he doesn't manage to put Karen's mind at ease at all. Is she right to worry?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One