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Doctors spoilers: Becky Clarke in hostage HORROR!

Doctors, Emma Reid, Becky Clarke
(Image credit: BBC)

Becky faces a life or death situation when she is taken hostage by an escaped prisoner looking for revenge on Doctors. Will she survive?

Becky Clarke (played by Ali Bastian) takes centre stage in today's episode of Doctors, when the surgery Practice Manager is held hostage by an escaped prisoner out for revenge!

The trouble begins when dangerous prisoner Kenny Monteaux (played by Colin Parry, who was also Mark Gibbs during the male rape storyline on Hollyoaks) manages to escape from prison officers while at a funeral.

He makes tracks for his mum Lydia's (Heather Tobias) home where he plans to hideout and make contact with his wife Char (Anna Bolton) who wants to end things and hasn't been taking his phonecalls.

However, unsuspecting Becky doesn't know any of this, when she arrives to visit elderly Lydia who has a history of anxiety...

Although Lydia tries to get rid of Becky, because of her unwelcome house guest, Kenny appears in the doorway and invites Becky in.

Doctors, Becky Clarke

Becky goes to visit patient Lydia, unaware of the dangerous situation she is walking into on Doctors... (Picture: BBC)

However, it's not long before Becky senses that all is not OK, when a shocked Char returns home and claps eyes on escaped Kenny.

The tense family reunion proves all too much for Lydia, who starts to have a panic attack...

Doctors, Becky Clarke

A family reunion takes a terrible turn on Doctors... (Picture: BBC)

And to make matters worse, Kenny swipes Becky's phone and then double-locks the frontdoor, making it very clear that nobody is leaving the house!

Can Becky keep her wits about her to help Lydia, who is struggling to breath, and alert the emergency services they are all in danger?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One