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Doctors spoilers: Becky Clarke shows Daniel Granger who's boss!

Doctors, Becky Clarke

Surgery practice manager Becky is annoyed Daniel is still against Ayesha's training course. But she has a plan to get the medic on side!

Becky Clarke is daydreaming about her after-hours dalliance with hunky cleaner Enzo D'Agostino.

Unfortunately, business beckons and Dr Daniel Granger is still being a real misery when it comes to allowing nurse Ayesha Lee to take a training course so she can qualify and be allowed to prescribe medication to her patients.

Daniel is old school, and still thinks only doctors should have the authority to write prescriptions, even though he and the rest of the medics at The Mill are too busy at the best of times and Ayesha's extra training would actually be a big help.

But having made her mark on The Mill since she took over from practice manager Mrs Tembe, Becky has an idea how she can convince Daniel to change his mind and get him on board with Ayesha's training opportunity.

Doctors, Rob Hollins, Della Kirby

Rob hits the beat with journalist Della. (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, Sergeant Rob Hollins is not best pleased when he hears he's being paired with a journalist Della Kirby for the day, to write a feature about experiencing a day on the police beat.

However, the day's events take an unexpected return when Rob and Della meet stressed-out schizophrenic Lori Butler at a local shop.

Doctors, Anna Butler

Anna is seriously worried about her schizophrenic daughter Lori (Picture: BBC)

Lori's mum Anna is worried about her daughter's mental health issues after Lori tears up the wedding dress Anna was making.

Can Rob find a way to help, while showing Della that Lori is just one of many patients who need mental health services that they aren't getting?

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